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Customer Reviews

"She was very professional. I have had other massages and the pressure was never very good but Christine's pressure was amazing"

Hannah J.  Chiropractic Assistant

Christine is very hard-working, caring, and very skilled. She uses heat appropriately to help loosen tight muscles. She's the best massage therapist I've had!

Chrys C.   Software Developer

Christine has a lot of experience, and it shows in the way she helps make you feel comfortable.  She does a good job or relaxing tight muscles and soothing nerves.  I come away from her massages feeling like a new person

Andrea C.   Accountant

Amazing!!!! She saved me!  Christine was recommended as a postpartum massage therapist and she is perfect. I was having horrible muscle spasms under my shoulder blades from learning to breastfeed and from the physical exertion of my delivery. As a Doula she is the perfect person to have working with your body in that intimate time following delivery. I will continue to see her for weekly massages as my body transitions to motherhood

Heather K.   Pediatrician

Absolutely fantastic! Christine is a pleasure and attentive.

Wonderful experience. So relaxing. Thank you!

Lori C.   Freelance Writer

It was great!!  The oil, aroma along with her music is a great combination and gives the perfect atmosphere.  I am very happy with Christine’s service and skill!

Megan V.   Fitness Coach

I could not have gotten through pregnancy without my massages and Christine! I learned so much from her and she changed my life when she started massaging me in my third trimester. I had horrible sciatic nerve pain- and got no relief until she came into my life. She also taught my husband how to help ease the pain in between her massages. My daughter was also breech throughout most of my pregnancy. I felt like Christine was my knight in shining armor when she showed me how to make room in my pelvis so my little girl could flip and she was no longer breech for the remainder of my pregnancy. I cannot express how thankful I am to know her and have her be a part of my pregnancy journey. I will always be grateful

Maggie K.   Accountant

I was a first time mother and was very nervous about the birthing process. My husband and I were looking for a doula who could help us prepare mentally and physically for the birth of our daughter. She was such a huge help to us and offered what nobody else could; an amazing massage at my house! No massage place could properly massage me, they were all too scared! Once I told her I was interested in a natural birth, she supported my decision, giving me great tips for preparing as well as insightful books. Christine was also very helpful the night I went into labor. She was calm and empowered my husband to be supportive and helpful without getting in his way. I would use Christine again in a heartbeat, we loved our experience!

Melissa E.   Photographer

Her massages are truly relaxing and healing. Like a breath of fresh air!

Debra H.   Clinical Social Worker

As a doula, she was very positive and I was able to connect with her.  She anticipated things and took measures to ease me through it and made suggestions that really helped.  She was calming and reassuring.  We are very glad we had Christine as our doula, we could not have followed closely to our birth plan without her.

Anne B.    USAF

Christine assisted me in the birth of my last 2 babies and gave me regular massages during pregnancy. Her strong points as a doula are her vast knowledge of birth, aftercare and mothering.  She had a tender heart and genuine concern for me and my birth experience.  Fantastic Service!  

Sarah M.   SAHM

My family and I had such a positive and wonderful experience with Christine.  As a new mother I have recently found it hard to sit down and gather my own thoughts but I knew I had to let others know how invaluable Christine as a doula and educator.  My husband has three children and was at the birth of only one, which was a cesarean section, and I had never held a baby under the age of 6 month. After having a bad experience with an ob/gyn, I decided to do some research and find alternate ways of having a birthing experience, which led my husband and I to Christine. From our first interview to our last meeting after the birth of our daughter, Michaela, she provided education and resources, as well as emotional support throughout my pregnancy. However, the most invaluable part of the experience is during the actual labor and delivery. When my husband, mother, and stepchildren were overwhelmed, I can honestly say Christine was like a lighthouse in the storm. She used labor techniques to help with my back labor and at one point became my focal point when I arrived at the hospital.  After the delivery, my husband and mother, who were both skeptical of using a doula couldn’t stop singing her praises, especially my mother. Christine is an amazing woman and an excellent doula, my family and I are moving; if I had another child I would be tempted to come back during pregnancy and delivery

Devon F.   College Student