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Wellness for Women Massage

&  Birth Services

What is Custom Therapeutic Massage?

Whether you are brand new to massage therapy, or have been getting massage for years, I tailor your session to your needs each time.  Custom Therapeutic Massage sessions include options based on your specific need:

  • a variety of techniques, pressure and styles that will leave you feeling relief from tension and pain and facilitate a deep sense of relaxation
  • the use of moist heat and 2 hot stones to help your muscles soften and release
  • cold packs to reduce inflammation or swelling if needed or requested
  • aromatherapy lotions or unscented lotion
  • use of topical pain relief if needed or requested


How many times have you said, “I need to take better care of myself”?

Career women, brides, busy moms, students... we all have a lot of stress.  If left unchecked, stress often builds and results in neck tension, headaches, back issues or even chronic pain.  I can help!  My Custom Therapeutic Massage provides relief in a drug-free wellness focus allowing you to be equipped with not just relaxation and balance, but information to continue to care for yourself between sessions, often with prolonged results.  

Gift cards are available and make thoughtful appreciated gifts for any occasion.