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Wellness for Women Massage

&  Birth Services


Private classes available, or host a group class for an evening of learning fun!


(all classes are included for Doula Clients)

Infant Massage

Learn to connect with your baby and make her feel cherished every day!  Touch is our first communication.  Boost immunity, reduce crying, improve sleep and digestion, bond with your child.  Learn infant massage. Private classes available, or invite friends and their babies and host a group class for a fun evening of learning!

Private class: $60
Group class:  $45 per baby  (2-5 babies preferred.  More than one caregiver may attend per baby).

Comfort Touch for Birth

Do you want to assist your loved one in the weeks leading up to childbirth as well as provide excellent support for her in labor? This class is for you!  Learn the physiology and psychology of birth and how to best work with a woman's laboring body using the comfort of touch, encouragement, breathing techniques and positioning to make the most of each contraction.  This is a 2 hour hands-on class tailored to you and your partner with plenty of time to get your questions answered. 

Private class:  $200
Group class: $90 per couple

Dunstan Baby Language

Your baby makes lots of sounds, but how do you know what he is trying to communicate to you?  The trick is to listen BEFORE he starts crying!  Learn Dunstan Baby Language, the universal baby talk that every baby on the planet speaks because it isn't based on phonetics, its based on reflexes. Meet your child's needs easily and with confidence. Decrease crying and stress. Feel more rested and increase your parenting savvy! 

Private class: $50 

Group class:  $35 per baby (2 or more babies preferred.  More than one caregiver may attend per baby).