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Birth Support

I provide birth support and labor massage for families up to 30 miles away.  I am happy to attend hospital planned births or home births when you have also hired a Midwife.  

Birth Support (also called Doula care or Doula support) includes:

  • free initial consultation
  • 2 Prenatal visits to your home where we will discuss your vision for your birth, how you best handle stress and pain, your understanding of the birthing process, comfort measures and birthing positions, your general health and gives us time to get comfortable with one another and allows me to discover how I can best be of help to you in your childbirth journey.
  • Unlimited phone calls and email support during your pregnancy
  • 24/7 phone support 2 weeks before your due date
  • Uninturrupted presence during your active labor until about 2 hours after you baby is born
  • 1 Postpartum visit in your home 3-10 days after your birth.
  • Discounted massages during your pregnancy and immediate postpartum period (first 3 months).
  • Discounted private Comfort Touch classes and Classes for new Parents

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Prenatal and Labor Massage for 9 years, a professional birth doula for over 13 years and have attended over 130 births.

Labor Massage

Did you know you can get massage when you are in actual labor?  You can!  I come to your home or place of birth when you are in labor.  I use many massage doula techniques that allow you to labor either lying down or upright while you release your muscles and learn to work with - not against your body. Great for any mom who may be a bit nervous about the process of birth, desire to delay drugs (or have a completely natural birth) or need a bit more one on one support. I am happy to demonstrate and coach other support people to help them help you! 

NOTE: Available only in Kentucky.

$250 for 2 hours of labor massage day or night (Travel fees may apply based on mileage.)   

Additional time can be added for $75 per hour or $40 per half hour based on availability.

Comfort Touch Class for Partners

Do you want to assist your loved one in the weeks leading up to childbirth as well as provide excellent support to her in labor? This class is for you!  Learn the physiology and psychology of birth and how to best work with a woman's laboring body using the comfort of touch, encouragement, breathing techniques and positioning to make the most of each contraction.  This is a private 2 hour hands-on class tailored to you and your partner with plenty of time for

Q & A.