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Benefits of Using Heat with Massage Therapy

Posted on December 11, 2016 at 12:15 AM

I love using heat modalities in with my Custom Therapeutic Massage!  Standard in each Custom Massage is the option for 2 hot stones and a Moist heat pack for your back.  I offer these at no extra charge!  Why?  I could charge more for these wonderfully relaxing enchancements, but I don't because they are not just "foo-foo feel good" extras.  No, they actually provide therapeutic benefit that helps my clients as well as make my job easier! 

Heat helps muscles relax.  When you have overworked or overstressed muscles, they are tight and often knotted.  When you add heat, it helps those muscles relax.

Heat helps the therapist to work deeper.  When I use heat, I don't just apply it and then leave you alone.  I use heat in conjunction with my hands and manipulate your muscle tissue to work at resolving the root issue of your pain and tension deep within the soft tissue.  It makes the manipulation of the soft tissue easier because the muscle is first relaxed before I go deep into the muscle belly to address the source of the tightness.

Heat feels good.  Yes, it does.  But not only that, using heat enables me to do very deep tissue work on your muscles with minimal pain experienced by you.  To me that's a Win-Win.  The result is you leave feeling euphorically relaxed because not only did I solve the issue of the knot inside your muscle tissue, but I was able to do it with the minimal amount of pain because of the appropriate and therapeutic use of heat.

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